About Lnnkin - Safe & Free Link Shortener

About Lnnkin - Safe & Free Link Shortener

Lnnkin is a free link shortener service that provides companies and businesses with unique, customizable, and secure links as well as analytics for the shortened links. Our main goal is to change how the internet interacts with website links by providing secure and customizable short links that can be shared easily and monitored through special analytics algorithms. All these services and more are available for free.

Lnnkin - Create Short Links For Free

Users can also create accounts to monitor their customized links and gain access to other powerful tools from our user-friendly website. We strive to ensure that businesses get the exposure they truly deserve. With our modern and effective technologies, you can generate short links right from our home page. We also have a Chrome extension that makes it easy to manage your short links all in one place.

Our strength is our innovative way of coming up with short and unique URLs that replace long links without reducing their effectiveness. Are you looking to leverage the power of short URLs to improve the brand identity of your business and boost your conversions and sales? We've got you covered. Well, you don't have to believe us right away, just try out our link shortener and see for yourself.

Be Noticed

We understand what a unique brand identity means for your business. With our link shortening services, your brand identity will stretch throughout the reaches of social media. You can use your own domain to create branded short link to increase brand awareness & improve CTR for your links.

Be Trendy

We utilize the best modern techniques and cutting-edge security features to leverage the power of short links and deliver great results for your social media marketing campaigns.

Be Viral

Short links make for easy sharing and can be memorized easily. Use our free URL shortener to unleash the power of your website and go viral in no time.

Be Seen

We offer free link shortening so you can be seen and improve your social media presence. When your business is seen, your brand identity can be distinguished and grow.

Get Outstanding Results

You don't need to be a tech expert to create short links or to enjoy the benefits we provide for your business. Use our link shortener and get outstanding results.

Our key features are explained in this video - What is Lnnkin?.

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