URL Shortener FAQs

Lnnkin is a free URL shortener service that provides companies and businesses with unique, customizable, and secure links as well as analytics for the shortened links. We offer free link shortening so you can be seen and improve your social media presence. When your business is seen, your brand identity can be distinguished and grow. Lnnkin can be considered as one of the best alternatives for Bitly, TinyURL or Google link shortener.
You have below four options to generate short urls :
  1. From Create Link page
  2. From Create Bulk Links page
  3. By using our Chrome Extension
  4. By using our Mozilla Add-On
  5. By Integrating our URL Shortener API
No, we do not take Credit Card details for any of our plans. We have partnered with PayPal to make our payment process transparent.
Yes, short links can be edited any time. This is a premium feature.
Yes, short links can be deleted any time. Short links can also be Enabled or Disabled any time. This is a premium feature.
Destination links from any malicious site, link shortening site, file hosting site, adult site, gambling site, free website hosting site or plain IP address are not allowed on our platform. For more details please read our Terms Of Use
The maximum allowed length for destination link is 2048 characters.
The maximum allowed length for custom name is 50 characters.
Yes, you will get 2 months free if paid annually and 1 month free if paid semi-annually.
There is a limit on the number of clicks tracked per month. For more details please visit here.
Yes definitely, we offer a 3 days FREE TRIAL so that you will be able to try out our premium features. For more details please visit here.
Yes, you can use your own domain to create short links so that your business is exposed well to the potential customers. For more details please visit here.
Yes, we support bulk short links creation so that you will be able to create multiple short links in one go without wasting your valuable time. For more details please visit here.
Yes, we provide the API access to our customers so that the process of link shortening can be automated for sending links to selected list of clients or potential clients. For more details please visit here.
You just need to add "+" at the end of the short link in order to see the final destination URL to which the short link is redirecting. For example a short link https://lnnk.in/EIf can be modified to https://lnnk.in/EIf+ to enable preview screen.
Warning : Only unused domains must be used else your existing website will stop working.

Step 1 : Go to Configure Custom Domains page.
Step 2 : Click on "Add New Domain" button.
Step 3 : On "Add New Domain" page, enter below details :
  • Domain : Enter your domain which you want to use for short links.
  • Not Found URL : Provide a URL where you want to redirect users in case of invalid short link.
  • Home URL : Provide a URL where you want to redirect users whenever they visits the root address of your domains.
Step 4 : After adding your domain, the next step is to point CNAME in your domain registrar's DNS. If you would like to redirect your root domain, please try adding @ or www. Some of the registrars do not allow the @ option, for that you will have to add www as a HOST value

Edit the existing A Records for your domain and change the value to IP address. If there is no existing A Record, add a new one. Custom domain setup

Note : After completing these steps, your newly added domain will become active within 24 hours.

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