Create Powerful & Customizable Short Links

You don't need to be a tech expert to create short links or to enjoy the benefits we provide for your business. Use our link shortener for free & get outstanding results.

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Lnnkin - Create Powerful & Customizable Short Links
Lnnkin - Improve Link CTR With Branded Links

Improve Link CTR With Branded Links

If you want to attract more viewers to your website, be it for social interactions or business, you will need a branded link. These are short links that allow the owners to customize their domain to what they want.

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Browser Extensions For Creating Short Links

Are you a frequent user of short links? If so, did you know that you can generate short links without visiting our website? Well, with the amazing feature of browser extension, you can now seamlessly generate short links from your browsers.

Lnnkin Chrome Extension Chrome
Lnnkin Mozilla Add-On Mozilla
Lnnkin - Browser Extensions For Creating Short Links
Lnnkin - Do More With Detailed Clicks Insights

Do More With Detailed Clicks Insights

You can have amazing short links for your business, but if you cannot analyse them well, they will not be of great benefit to you. Having a detailed insight to clicks data is important as it helps you determine the next course of action.

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URL Shortener With Amazing Features

Our main goal is to change how the internet interacts with website links by providing secure and customizable short links that can be shared easily and monitored through special analytics algorithms.

Lnnkin - URL Shortener With Amazing Features

Custom Domains

Create branded short links with your own domains. Improve link CTR with branded short links.

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Unlimited Free Short Urls

Create unlimited short links using our website or browser extensions for free with lifetime validity.

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Unlimited Free Custom Urls

Create unlimited custom links using our website or browser extensions for free with lifetime validity.

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Short Link Analytics

See real time click insights for free. Filter clicks data by device, country, referrer, browser & operating system etc.

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Delete Short Links

Delete unwanted or unused short links any time. Short links can also be temporarily disabled or enabled.

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Edit Short Links

Fix broken links by changing the destination URL of short links & redirect all traffic to correct location.

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Secure Short Links

Restrict access to your sensitive data by creating password protected short or custom links.

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Browser Extension

Add Chrome extension or Mozilla Add-On for generating short links right from opened browser tab.

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Short Links Management

Create your account today & take control of all the short links you have created wherever you go.

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Short Links API Integration

API integration is a premium feature for businesses of all types that are targeting clients using emails or messages.

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Fully Responsive

Use our user friendly website on any device, desktop, mobile, tablet etc to make short links for free.

Safe Payment

We have partnered with PayPal to make sure all our online payments would be safe and secure.

Email Support

We provide both email & facebook chat support to all our users.

Regular Updates

We are always working towards improving our users experience. We release new features consistently.

Plans For Every Size

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Unlimited short links
Unlimited custom links
Fast & seamless redirection
Available domains
Monthly clicks tracked
Click data storage
API monthly limit
API access rate
Custom domains
5 days free trial
Ad free site


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per month

Last 2 days


$ 9.99

per month &
Last 7 days
1 link/sec


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per month &
Last 30 days
3 links/sec


$ 59.99

per month &
Last 90 days
4 links/sec


$ 299.99

per month &
Last 1 year
6 links/sec

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