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Lnnkin - Create Powerful & Customizable Short Links

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Features that help digital marketers to maximize their digital marketing campaigns using URL shorteners.

Lnnkin - Improve Link CTR With Branded Links

Brand Your Short URLs

Share your URLs using a custom domain name. Branded links work 200% more than simple short links. Be it off-page SEO, SMM, or whatsoever, we help you customize the short URLs the way you want - Skyrocketing your CTR.

Browser Extensions for Quick Access

There's no need to visit Lnnkin and sign in every time you need a short link. Just install our browser short links extension and create short links with 1-click. You can later visit Lnnkin and customize or track your short URLs anytime.

Lnnkin - Browser Extensions For Creating Short Links
Lnnkin - Do More With Detailed Clicks Insights

Track Real-Time Clicks Data

These highly customizable and branded links are of no use if you can't track the clicks data. You can't go wrong with your marketing strategy with a clear insight into clicks data. This data can be used to further enhance your marketing strategies.

Bulk Short Links

Tiny URLs have evolved during the past few years. This feature of Lnnkin can create multiple short links at once. Certainly, a great feature if you want short links to multiple web pages on your website. You can later use these short links to bring maximum traffic to your website.

Lnnkin - Bulk Short Links
Lnnkin - URL Shortener With Amazing Features

Free URL Shortener with Unmatched Features

Our main goal is to provide a single platform where users can monitor, test, and optimize their marketing links. Lnnkin helps in targeting visitors, track views and clicks, monitor broken or weak links, and share links with colleagues, clients, and your audience. Your ultimate free URL shortener as well as link management platform.

Custom Domains

Create branded short links with your own domains. Improve link CTR with branded short links.

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Free Short Urls

Create short links using our website or browser extensions for free with lifetime validity.

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Custom Urls

Create custom links using our website or browser extensions.

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Short Link Analytics

See real time click insights for free. Filter clicks data by device, country, referrer, browser & operating system etc.

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Delete Short Links

Delete unwanted or unused short links any time. Short links can also be temporarily disabled or enabled.

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Edit Short Links

Fix broken links by changing the destination URL of short links & redirect all traffic to correct location.

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Secure Short Links

Restrict access to your sensitive data by creating password protected short or custom links.

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Browser Extension

Add Chrome extension or Mozilla Add-On for generating short links right from opened browser tab.

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Short Links Management

Create your account today & take control of all the short links you have created wherever you go.

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Short Links API Integration

API integration is a premium feature for businesses of all types that are targeting clients using emails or messages.

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Bulk Short Links

Seamlessly create multiple short links in one go.

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QR Code for Short Links

Create a downloadable QR code of your short links for offline marketing campaigns.

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Link Scheduling

Link Scheduling makes short links active or inactive at a specified date and time.

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We have partnered with PayPal to make sure all our online payments would be safe and secure.

Regular Updates

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