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Lnnkin is a leading provider of short links to business websites seeking to increase traffic. In addition to the provision of short links, Lnnkin also provides an amazing solution to businesses with multiple web pages. The newly added Bulk Short Links feature works well for business websites with multiple web pages.

The Bulk Short Links is an exciting premium feature offered by Lnnkin to business websites that run multiple web pages that need short links. This feature allows users of Lnnkin to seamlessly create multiple short links for their webpages in one go.

Why you need "Bulk Short Links" feature?

Lnnkin prides itself on its effective software with amazing tools and features that help in boosting the creation of bulk short links. Here are some of the top reasons why you should use Lnnkin's Bulk Short Link feature:

  • Create multiple short links in one go

    Until Lnnkin introduced this feature, business websites needed to create independent short links manually for all the webpages. This dynamic feature now makes it possible to create multiple short links in one go. The feature supports multiple creations of short links for personal and business websites.

    All that you need to do to use this feature is to copy all the URLs of the different webpages that you want to create short links. The Lnnkin software will then convert these links into short links and generate them instantly for your use. It is as simple as that!

  • Grouping the short links

    Lnnkin provides an organizational feature for your websites by grouping your created short links based on category, campaign etc. You just need to select the appropriate group while creating bulk short links. If you are running an online campaign, then using Lnnkin's Bulk Short Links can help in boosting the effectiveness of that campaign. This organizational feature helps in tracking the short links created for a marketing campaign. Using the integrated Short Links Analytics feature, you can easily record the performance of the created short links.

    This feature is ideal for businesses that run multiple campaigns on their websites and would like to group the short links to ease the release of these marketing links.

  • Export short links in CSV file

    Lnnkin Bulk Short Links feature automatically converts the multiple short links into an exportable CVS file. It allows you to share the files with your marketing team remotely and effectively. This feature saves business owners a lot of time needed to create shared files with short links.

It is very easy, exciting, and profitable to use Lnnkin's Bulk Short Link feature.

For any questions about generating bulk short links, please visit our FAQ page.

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