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Top Tips to Make Your Short Links Memorable

Top Tips to Make Your Short Links Memorable

Last updated: March 05, 2022

Digital marketers know the immense power short links have to their marketing needs. But since everyone knows how to create short links, you need to go a step further and create memorable links that will attract the attention of your potential customers.

How do you create memorable branded links? Well, there are dozens of tips that you can follow. However, we've condensed them to the most valuable and actionable tips that can get you ahead of your competition.

Tip 1: Make it super short

You must make the links super short for them to be remembered by your potential customers. Many people tend to remember shorter links than long ones. This means that you must capitalize on this important factoid when engaging your service provider.

Always express your views about the length of the short links. You can do competition analysis to see how short your competition's links are. This will give you an idea of the ideal length.

Tip 2: Use a brand name

Short links allow you to use your brand names. This branding opportunity shouldn't be let go. People will always remember your short links if there is a name attached to them. The beauty of this tip is that it also promotes your brand identity on the internet.

Tip 3: Share links to interesting content

People are more likely to remember branded links if they are embedded in interesting content. If your content is boring, no one will read your content and bump into your link. It will be a waste of time to create short links without engaging content.

Remember, content is shared on various online platforms including social media. You can hire a team of content creators to help you generate creative content that will engage your audience.

Another option is to check what your top competition is doing and find ways of reaching their levels of engagement.

Tip 4: Put links 25% of the way through content

Assuming you are inserting short links in a tweet, you should have it put 25% way through the tweet. This is where there is a higher click rate. Never put your branded short links at the start of your content. This shows desperation and most people will tend to ignore the content. Putting it in the right place makes it more memorable as people will read through the text and find the link.

Tip 5: Use keywords in your branded links

Online marketing is always about search engine optimization. You can have the best custom link shortener and engaging content but still, fail to capture your audience. Therefore, use the right keywords to accompany your short links. Quick keyword research should be done when creating short branded links.

Final Solution: Get the Right URL Shortener Service

Well, the best approach that can save you time and money is to choose the right link shortener service provider.

Many service providers claim to be good. But you need reputable service providers like Lnnkin. Some of the guarantees your service provider should give you include the following:

  • Creation of branded links
  • Short links analysis
  • Secure short links with a password
  • Custom short links

With these features in mind, you'll be able to find the right service provider that will give you a custom link shortener service that makes your links memorable.

Importance of Creating Memorable Short Links

Why is it important to create memorable short links? Is the energy worth it? Check out the following benefits that you will get for creating memorable short links and judge if it is worth it.

It is easier to remember

It sounds obvious but it is quite an important factor to consider when creating memorable short links. A brief concise message will always be remembered by your audience. Do you want evidence for this? Think about all the slogans that you can remember off the top of your head. Do you know why you can remember them? It's simple - they are short and impactful.

The mind of the consumer market is not complex. Give them a short message and they will remember it. Therefore, the benefit that you get for creating memorable short links is that they stay in the minds of your potential customers.

Creates professionalism

A brand needs to have a professional appearance. The first point of professional contact is the created short link. You must create a short and memorable link if you want your brand to appear professional.

Remember, not all the audience market resonates with your brand. Some people will be meeting your brand for the first time through the short link. A professional image will go a long way to impact their thinking about your brand.

Increases brand awareness

A memorable short link increases brand awareness. If you are using branded links, you can add the name of your company to increase awareness of your brand. This can be a primary or secondary reason for using memorable short links.

However, keep in mind that brand awareness doesn't just come with the use of short links. You must also work in the background to have a solid brand name that is attractive. The short links only add to your brand's identity.

Deliver a message using a link

Just a simple link can deliver your message. You don't have to struggle to twerk your message when you can use a memorable custom link to share a message with your customers. For example, you can use memorable short links with an 'OrderNow' message embedded. This makes it easy for customers to place their orders.

Final verdict

Now that you have interacted with the ways of creating memorable short links and the benefits, it is time to resolve to start using memorable short links. The first step is to identify a reliable service provider like Lnnkin and present your marketing targets to them. If you do it right, you will enjoy the numerous benefits that improve your digital marketing approach.

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