URL Shortener With Amazing Features

Lnnkin - URL Shortener With Amazing Features

Do you share links every day? Are they short enough or too long and boring to your clients? Is your business losing on lead conversions due to long and confusing URLs?

Well, Lnnkin is your perfect solution. You'll find it as an amazing companion because it offers lots of amazing features to help you out in your digital marketing strategy. Lnnkin's main aim is to change how the internet interacts with website links by providing unique, branded, secure and customizable short links that can be shared easily with your clients/users and monitored their performance through our special analytics algorithms.

Lnnkin helps your website links be more readable with clearer brand visibility for better engagement with your customers. Imagine your website URL getting more exposure and ultimately boosting your conversion and sales. Yes, that's possible with Lnnkin's below cutting edge URL shortening features.

Lnnkin - Custom Domains (Branded Links)

Custom Domains (Branded Links)

Get outstanding results with increased link CTR by creating branded short links with your own domains. With branded links your brand identity will stretch throughout the reaches of social media.

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Free Short Urls

We understand the desire of the growing internet users to have short links for their different web pages, and thus, provide short links creation using our website or browser extensions for free.

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Lnnkin - Free Short Urls
Lnnkin - Custom Urls

Custom Urls

This feature basically allows you to give a meaningful name to your short link which can be easily remembered. Custom links can be created using our website or browser extensions.

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Short Link Analytics

Monitor your short links performance with detailed real time click insights for free. You will be able to filter the short link clicks data by device, country, referrer, browser & operating system etc.

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Lnnkin - Short Link Analytics
Lnnkin - QR Code For Short Links

QR Code For Short Links

Create a downloadable QR code of your short links for offline marketing campaigns. Redirect users to your final link with just a QR code scan.

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Delete Short Links

With this premium feature, unwanted or unused short links can be deleted any time. Short links can also be temporarily disabled or enabled if needed.

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Lnnkin - Delete Short Links
Lnnkin - Edit Short Links

Edit Short Links

Fix broken links or moved content by updating the destination URL of short links & redirect all traffic to updated location.

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Secure Short Links

Restrict access to sensitive data by creating password protected short or custom links and sharing them with limited audience.

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Lnnkin - Secure Short Links
Lnnkin - Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Get our Chrome extension or Mozilla Add-On for generating short links right from opened browser tab without visiting our website.

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Short Links Management

Create your account today & take control of all the short links you have created wherever you go. Short links can also be organised in different groups.

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Lnnkin - Short Links Management
Lnnkin - Short Links API Integration

Short Links API Integration

This premium feature helps businesses of all types to automate the process of link shortening by creating short links directly from company's servers within microseconds.

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Bulk Short Links

This dynamic feature makes it possible to create multiple short links in one go. The feature supports multiple creations of short links for personal and business websites.

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Lnnkin - Bulk Short Links
Lnnkin - Short Link Scheduling

Link Scheduling

Link Scheduling is Lnnkin's premium feature that makes short links active or inactive at a specified date and time.

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