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Lnnkin - Delete Short Links

One of the features that is rarely used yet carries great importance is the 'delete short links'. Lnnkin gives its customers this option because of many reasons.

This feature is available on the paid plans. As a premium feature, it offers numerous benefits to the paid clients.

As a tip, we advise clients to use the disable instead of the delete option. This is because they both serve the same purpose to viewers just that the disable option gives the owner the ability to bring the link back live.

About the feature

The delete, disable or enable short link is a premium feature that only paying clients can access. As a paid plan, the delete, disable or enable short links give users full access to:

  • Delete option allows you to remove the branded links that you had created. You must be careful with this option as you will not be able to retrieve the link once it has been deleted. It is also worth remembering that the delete option clears the clicks data. This means that you will not be able to access previous data of the clicks on your deleted short link.
  • Disable option removes a short link temporarily. When you disable a short link, it will not be visible to the public; only you can see the link on your dashboard.
  • Enable option allows you to bring back the disabled links.

Why use the delete option?

  • End of an ad campaign

    You might want to delete a custom link if it was specifically used for an ad campaign that has ended. If it was a one-time ad that you will not run again, it serves no purpose to maintain it.

  • Malicious or unwanted content

    It is also possible that you could have posted content in a link that you did not intend to post. If this happens, it is just proper for you to delete the link and create a new one with the right content.

It is recommended that you download or record clicks data before deleting everything so that you can have a place of reference in the future.

For any questions about deleting, disabling and enabling short links, please visit our FAQ page.

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