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Top Marketing Tools That Every Digital Marketer Must Have

Top Marketing Tools That Every Digital Marketer Must Have

Last updated: February 26, 2022

Digital marketing is reshaping the marketing sector for all industries. Companies depend on digital marketing tools for their survival. Any informed digital marketing approach must have the basic tools needed for effective marketing.

Digital marketers have varied interpretations of what tools are important and those that don't work. In all frankness, there is no prescriptive digital marketing approach that works for all digital marketers. Just like the traditional marketing approach, digital marketing must embrace a personalized marketing approach to capture the audience. However, even in the middle of diversity in digital marketing, a few tools are used across the varied marketing approach.

Whether you are a new or an experienced digital marketer, you must have certain tools that will propel sales for your company.

Top 5 digital marketing tools

1. Social media platforms

Even before considering advanced tools like branded links, digital marketers have to start with the basics. Let's face it, the power of social media is undeniably great in digital marketing. Integrating social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram into your marketing approach is one of the best marketing tools that maximize engagement.

If you want your products to trend, you should consider these social media platforms. While at it, remember the varied types of audience in every social media platform. Your social media marketing approach should be reflective of the marketing demographics that you are targeting.

Since social media is very important, you should use targeted social media marketing tools like Facebook Ads Manager which runs ads and track the performance of the ads. Other external tools can also be used to schedule and monitor the performance of social media marketing.

In a nutshell, social media marketing provides the following key benefits:

  • Increases sales
  • Cost-effective
  • Measures success with analytics tools
  • High conversation rates
  • Creates a brand recognition that can be tied to a branded links

2. Link Shorteners

Any digital marketing approach is premised on a landing page of the company's website. It's important to think about this website and all its features. Under the assumption that the page has been optimized for the targeted audience, you have to use branded short links.

It's this basic - customers are more likely to click on a short URL than a long one. Therefore, having a short URL for your web pages is an important marketing tool that attracts potential customers. You can get paid or free link shortener services from reputable companies. Getting this service from a market leader like is the first step towards successfully creating short links for your web pages.

The overall benefits that digital marketers get for using branded short links include:

  • It helps to increase search engine rankings
  • Boost trustworthiness of the website
  • Enables easier growth for your website
  • Easier to share short links with your potential audience
  • It makes it possible to align the content with the expectation of the target audience

3. Design tools

Design tools are an important aspect of digital marketing. Many design tools are used to enhance the credibility of a website or to create ads. This is no prescribed design tool that digital marketers should use. However, the prescription is that they must consider all the design tools and find one that reflects the needs of their digital marketing strategy. For example, they can consider programs like Canva and Photoshop. Such programs allow digital marketers with no graphics and design background to create dynamic images for their content.

The other alternative is to hire a professional digital designer to incorporate graphics and design ideas that can improve the image of the website or a marketing campaign ad. Dynamism is a prerequisite for creating graphics that represent the image of a website. With proper designs, you can insert the short links created to make the ads easily clickable.

The overall benefits of using design tools for digital marketing is:

  • Creates a good image for your brand
  • Boosts customer loyalty
  • Builds a stronger identity for your business
  • Reduces marketing time
  • Helps to penetrate new markets

4. Analytics tools

To an extent, it will be baseless to initiate creative marketing campaigns and fail to know how they are working for your brand. This is why analytics tools are important. They give the digital marketer an overview of their marketing performance.

You can either use free analytics tools or paid ones. It depends on the size of the marketing budget set. Of course, paid analytics will provide better insights. Consider Google Analytics which tracks website traffic to know who is visiting your site and how frequently. You should also use social media analytics if you have a social media campaign.

Collaboratively, different analytics tools work to offer the following benefits:

  • Provides an integrated view of your marketing
  • Segments your existing customers
  • Provide reports for each stage of the marketing process

5. Email marketing tools

Modern digital marketers tend to ignore the power of email marketing tools. But they are a great resource that amplifies their content to their target audience. Email marketing tools prompt website viewers to sign up for events and buy products. Using email marketing tools should be regulated as it often annoys potential customers if it is overused.

Digital marketers should only use this approach if they know how to use it well for marketing. The alternative is to use a professional who can amplify the message of the digital marketing campaign using email marketing tools.

The overall benefits of using email marketing tools include:

  • Boosting engagement with customers
  • Increasing sales
  • Reach a global audience


The benefits of using digital marketing tools are immense. These five tools provide a solid base for marketers to start their campaigns. It's always important to personalize any digital marketing campaign to give the audience a feeling of brand uniqueness. This is why tools like free link shortener should be used to create branded short links for websites.

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