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Lnnkin - Browser Extension

Are you a frequent user of short links? If so, did you know that you can generate short links without visiting our website?

Well, with the amazing feature of browser extension, you can now seamlessly generate short links from your browsers.

Accepted browsers

Both Chrome and Mozilla are compatible with our feature for generating short links. You simply need to add Chrome Extension or Mozilla Add-On to start using this feature.

Benefits of using a browser extension for generating short links

  • Saves time

    Imagine the amount of time you spend visiting our website to generate short links. You can cut this time significantly by simply adding our browser extension to your preferred web browser. With the extension, you are only a few clicks away from generating your short links.

  • Generates both short and custom links

    The browser extension works well to generate both short and custom links. Therefore, you don't have to worry about your type of link not being generated.

  • Easy to use

    There are no special skills required for you to generate short or custom links using the browser extension. You are always a few clicks away from generating your preferred links. It is actually much easier than visiting the website to generate the links.

  • Free of charge

    The extensions are available on both Chrome and Mozilla free of charge. This is a great benefit if you are looking for a feature that will boost the effectiveness of running your website without necessarily incurring extra costs.

How to use it?

Simply add the extension on your browser and enable it. Once it is enabled on your browser, you will be able to generate short or custom links with just a few clicks.

For any questions about browser extension for free short and custom links, please visit our FAQ page.

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