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Lnnkin - QR Code For Short Links

Enhancing the visibility and engagement of your website's links requires a little more input from your side. At Lnnkin, we endeavor to make this a possibility by introducing advanced features that make it easy to interact with your audience.

Currently, we're providing QR codes for websites that want to maximize their offline campaigns to boost engagement and probable return on investments.

About our QR Code feature

QR Code for short links is one of the premium features that we offer to website owners to boost engagement. We offer downloadable QR codes for short links. They are effective in offline campaigns. With a QR code, website visitors only need to scan the given code with their mobile device and they will land on the target web page.

What is unique about our QR Code feature?

QR code is a unique feature for short links that has several benefits. Here is a highlight of what to expect from our feature:

  • They're quick

    If you're looking for a great way to streamline the user experience and ensure that your website visitors have quick and efficient access to information, then our QR code feature is the way to go. With a single QR code, your customers can go straight to your intended landing page without help from customer service.

  • They hold more data

    With our service, you can hold invaluable information for your customers. It is possible to hold hundreds of encrypted data in form of short links that direct customers to landing pages and/or promotion pages. They also store information about your customer's location and other important details that might help your marketing campaign.

  • They are safe

    The construction of QR codes is safe for customer interaction. It provides a platform that allows businesses to communicate with their customers safely. You can create and share forms using QR codes to boost the quality of interaction.

  • You can measure their effectiveness

    The beauty of QR codes is that they are measurable. You can know the results of your leads and clicks. We also provide analytics of how the short links in the QR code perform. This feature allows marketers to plan for their web marketing effectively.

Why you should use our QR Code feature

Customers love QR codes. By using our premium QR Code feature, you will be meeting the demands of the web consumer market. Furthermore, we have affordable premium packages. Try using QR codes today to see how they will boost your performance.

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