URL Shortener FAQ

LnnkIn is a free URL shortener service that provides companies and businesses with unique, customizable, and secure links as well as analytics for the shortened links. We offer free and unlimited link shortening so you can be seen and improve your social media presence. When your business is seen, your brand identity can be distinguished and grow. LnnkIn can be considered as one of the best alternatives for Bitly, TinyURL or Google link shortener.
You have below three options to generate short urls :
  1. From our website's Home Page
  2. By using our Chrome Extension
  3. By doing API Integration
No, we do not take Credit Card details for any of our plans. We have partnered with PayPal to make our payment process transparent.
Yes, short links can be edited any time.
Yes, short links can be deleted any time. Short links can also be Enabled or Disabled any time.
No, we do not support destination links which belong to any other url shortener or adult site. In addition to this any destination link which belongs to an IP address instead of a domain name will be deleted immediately.
Yes, you will get 1 month free if paid semi-annually and 2 months free if paid annually.