Short Links API Integration

Lnnkin is a leading provider of API access for creating links with paid plans. If you have subscribed to a paid plan with us, you can use our API to create short links faster.

API integration is done to create short links directly from the company's servers. This method is extremely fast and takes microseconds to generate short links.

API integration is a premium feature for businesses of all types that are targeting clients using emails or messages. The whole process of sending links to selected list of clients or potential clients is automated to make it fast and efficient.

Lnnkin - Short Links API Integration

Supported APIs

  • Create short or custom links

    One of the leading APIs functions that we offer is the creation of short and custom links. The links are created upon your request and they can be sent directly to the selected audience.

  • Edit short links

    You can also edit short links using this feature. Remember, editing short links is a function that helps you to modify the information in your URL. This means that you can change your URL destination if you want.

  • Disable short links

    If there are short links that you don't want to be viewed but at the same time you don't want to delete it completely, you can simply disable the short links and they will appear later when you decide to enable them.

  • Enable short links

    This feature helps you to bring back the links that you had disabled.

  • Delete short links

    If you have short links that you don't want to share anymore, you can simply delete the links.

Please refer to our API integration guide to do the API integration easily.

For any questions about the short links API, please visit our FAQ page.

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