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How to Obtain Short URLs For Free

How to Obtain Short URLs For Free

Last updated: February 28, 2022

Short links are essential for any digital marketing campaign.

Gone are the days when digital marketers would use long and ugly links to promote their brands. Nobody even likes looking at the long links - they irritate many potential audiences. So, why would someone even think of clicking on them if they are long and ugly? That creates an emergency for you to use short links now.

Why is it important?

Well, branding is the new currency of digital marketing. It creates the power to attract customers and put them into thinking about the company. Marketers put a lot of energy into creating powerful brands that represent the tone and message of the company. This energy would go to waste if it can't be shared out there.

But just like any other marketing tool, you have to pay for this service. So, what happens if you don't have the budget for short links and you want them for your branding and marketing? Well, that's where Lnnkin comes in.

Where can you get free short URLs?

Whilst the internet provides a great place to create free short links, you have to be careful about where you get them from.

A quick piece of advice is that you get your free short links from a reputable service provider like Lnnkin. Such a service provider will offer unmatched benefits that will propel your branding and marketing needs.

3 things to consider when choosing a free link shortener service

Since the internet will offer an uncounted number of solution providers, you must remain critical about the service provider that you choose. We'll provide guidance on three important things to guide your decision.

1. Evaluate the features of each solution

The most important aspect that defines a solution is the set of features. You must explore the range of features that the solution provider offers to its clients. If you are new, we can guide you on the best features to look out for in a solution provider offering free short links.

Custom domains

A good solution provider should create custom domains (branded links). This helps in emphasizing the importance of branding. Some free service providers won't include branded links as part of their free offerings. Check this feature out as a priority if your marketing goals need branded links.

Tracking and analytics

It is baseless to have short links that you cannot track their performances. A good solution provider should be able to offer detailed analytics of the short links created. They should be real-time to create effective marketing strategies based on the presented data. The analytics should also have extensive filter buttons that show performance based on device, country, operating system, etc.

Social media sharing buttons

These are integration features that allow sharing on social media platforms. The more the links are shared, the more the engagement would be. This is likely to increase sales.

Well, you can have a look at many other features including:

  • Unlimited free short links
  • QR code for short links
  • Editing and deleting of short links
  • API integration for creating short links
  • Bulk short links creation

2. Decide if you want to brand your links

As earlier mentioned, branding is the core of short links. However, marketing strategies vary and may or may not require branded links when creating short links. Therefore, you must consider this factor independently with the view of your marketing goals.

Branded links are great for creating or asserting brand awareness. On the other hand, unbranded links are good for marketing that cuts across different websites.

To get quality branded links, you are likely to incur some costs. The idea is to minimize costs by getting the best service provider offering the lowest price but maintaining good quality.

3. Overall cost

Another important factor that you might consider when looking for free short links is the overall cost. Well, some service providers claim that their services are free but you end up paying.

A good recommendation would be to choose a solution provider that has premium services. This will give you a good scope of the expenses you are likely to incur when creating branded links. The focus should be on quality and not finding free link shorteners.

Getting started with free short links

Getting started is the most important action! Don't sit back strategizing without actualizing the strategies. Here's what you should do to get started:

Step 1: Identify the right solution provider

We've mentioned the importance of identifying the right solution provider offering free URL shortener services. We've also recommended Lnnkin as an ideal service provider to get started with.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with best practices

Know what it takes to have valuable short links for your website. You can read about the best practices or ask your solution provider to update you with the best practices.

Step 3: Create and test free short links

After due diligence, you should go ahead to create short links. It is a simple process. If you are using Lnnkin, here's what you need to do:

  • Copy the URL that you want to shorten
  • Open Lnnkin in your browser
  • Paste the URL in the "Destination Link" box
  • Add domain details and custom name if applicable
  • Click on Generate Short Link button

It's that simple! There is no complexity involved in the generation of short links. After you have generated the short link, you should try it out first before you start sharing it. This ensures that the links generated work.

Overview of the benefits of free short links

If you do it right, you will enjoy the following plus many other benefits:

Save space

URL shorteners create short links. The short links save space when you are tweeting or sharing social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Creates trustworthiness

Short links are more presentable than long, ugly URLs. This creates a dynamic professional look for a website or a brand.


You'll also get to analyze data and know who is clicking on your links.

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