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Lnnkin - Edit Short Links

If you are running multiple ad campaigns online, you may want to edit your short links. There are many reasons why you may need to so. Regardless of your reason, Lnnkin offers editing of short links as a premium service in the website.

This service is available on the paid plans. As a premium feature, it offers numerous benefits to the paid clients.

Short links can also be edited with API access.

What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Fixes broken links

    Broken links are common occurrences when running multiple ad campaigns. If you notice that your link has been broken, you might want to use this feature as it will help you in retaining the short link by changing the destination URL. Therefore, the ad campaign that you have will continue without interruptions of any kind.

  • Moved content

    If you have moved your website content to another page with a different URL, you may need to edit the short link so that the new destination can be reflected as you wish. Once this is done, the URL of the short link that you had previously shared on various platforms will redirect traffic to the new URL destination.

  • Change content

    If you want to use the same short link but with a different content, you can use this feature to edit the destination URL. You simply need to change the existing URL to the desired page's URL and all the traffic will be redirected there.

Additional benefit

For any questions about editing short links, please visit our FAQ page.

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