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You can have amazing short links for your business, but if you cannot analyse them well, they will not be of great benefit to you.

Lnnkin provides an amazing service of short link analytics that will help you analyse your short link clicks data.

Basically, this service is at the core of your understanding of the distribution of the short links you have created. Having an insight to this set of data is important as it helps you determine the next course of action.

Our benefit

At Lnnkin, we provide the following benefits to the users of this service

  • Real-time insight

    In business, the dynamics of data is very volatile. One day, a set of data could mean one thing and suddenly change the following day. This is why we provide real-time insight for your short links clicks so that you can know exactly what is happening and respond appropriately. For example, if you notice there is a sudden increase in demand, the real-time insight will force you to swiftly adapt to the demand by improving production.

  • Filtering

    Another amazing benefit that you get for using short link analytics with Lnnkin is the advanced filter. The clicks of the short links sent out can be filtered with device, country, city, operating system, referrer, browser etc. This is an advanced set of metrics that enable you to know your customer base in detail. This can help in planning for improvement of products/services offered.

  • Detailed statistics

    The statistics that we offer to our clients are very detailed. With the statistics, you will get suggestions of how to improve your business based on the clicks.

How to use this service

You will need to create an account with Lnnkin to view the dashboard with the analytics of all the short links clicks.

Free users can also trace clicks for short links; though there is a limit to the number of clicks from which they can get analytics. For a better understanding of the limits, click on the plan page to know your limits.

For any questions about short link analytics, please visit our FAQ page.

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