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Lnnkin - Short Link Scheduling

At Lnnkin, we understand the importance of building tools that boost communication for websites. This is why we have introduced an amazing premium feature - Link Scheduling. It is a unique web business feature that makes it easy for website owners and marketers to gain control of short links and their visibility to customers.

About Link Scheduling feature

Link Scheduling is Lnnkin's premium feature that makes short links active or inactive at a specified date and time. While using this feature, a website owner or a digital marketer can set a Start Date and an optional End Date while creating short links. The user also has to be particular about the time zone so that the links are launched at the right time.

Benefits of Link Scheduling

The benefits of using our link scheduling feature are limitless. Here are a few top reasons why you should try it out today!

  • Easy to set up

    We've made it so easy for you to start using the link scheduling feature. We have embedded this feature in our link shortening service. This means that you can do it while creating your short links. Therefore, you can decide to set a Start Date and an optional End Date when creating short links if you don't want them to appear to your audience immediately.

  • We're specific

    Our service is very specific. We understand the global dynamics of businesses, thus, provide precision when using our link scheduling feature. We have all the time zones and ask our clients to use specific time zones to reach their targets at the right time.

  • Offer organization

    Amongst the top reasons why many people like our link scheduling feature is that it offers great organization. With it, you can schedule different short links to be launched when you want to start a specific marketing campaign. In a nutshell, it makes the work of digital marketers effective.

  • Editable

    Well, you can make errors. We understand this fact and make our link scheduling feature editable. You can come back later and change the Start Date and time from edit short link page. Any adjustment made is effected immediately. You won't be charged for adjusting the schedule of your links.

Why you should use our Link Scheduling feature

The degree of convenience that our Link Scheduling feature offers is incomparable with its affordable price. Digital marketers and website owners now don't have a reason to stay disorganized in their relaying of short links to their target when they have the option of using the Link Scheduling feature.

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