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Lnnkin - Short Links Management

Do you have many short links running? Well, you need to manage them well for them to be effective. This is why Lnnkin has introduced an amazing feature, Short Links Management.

Short Links Management is an exciting feature that allows you to take control of all the links you have created wherever you go.

Lnnkin has designed a wonderful dashboard for smooth management of your short links.

Remember, user registration is free of charge. At no point will you be required to issue credit card details.

Highlights of the feature

Some of the things you can do with this management platform include:

  • Editing short links

    For one reason or another, you may want to edit one or multiple links that you have shared. The management platform gives you an easy way to edit the links by either changing the destination URL or fixing a broken URL.

  • Delete short links

    Just in case you have notice that you shared a wrong or inappropriate link, you can quickly use the Short Links Management platform to delete the link. The reason why you need to this platform is that it offers a faster way of deleting content that you don't want to share.

  • Enable/disable short links

    With the Short Links Management platform, you can also enable or disable links. In the process of creating links, you might want to disable it from public view then enable view after you have decided for it to be back live.

  • Real-time clicks insights

    With this platform, you will also get live updates about the clicks on your links. This update is important in leading you to make the right decisions concerning your business.

  • Compatible with all devices

    You can access and manage your short links from all devices such as laptop, mobile phones, and tablets.

  • Grouping short links

    Efficiently manage short links by grouping them in different groups based on their category, campaign, project etc. You will also be able to filter clicks data by group on dashboard.


You will need to create an account to access the features that come with the Short Links Management.

For any questions about short links management, please visit our FAQ page.

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