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How a URL Shortener can improve your online experience

How a URL Shortener can improve your online experience

Last updated: October 05, 2022

As the world increasingly moves online, businesses must pay close attention to their digital customer experience. Creating a positive online customer experience is essential for driving sales, keeping existing customers happy, and acquiring new ones. One of the many ways to improve the customers' online experience is through the optimal use of a URL shortener.

Why must businesses improve their customer online experience?

Customers are inundated with information every single day. They are constantly bombarded with ads and promotions from companies vying for their attention. As a result, they have become more discerning and demanding when it comes to the quality of products and the level of service given to them.

To stand out from the crowd, businesses must provide a seamless and personalized digital customer experience. They must be able to anticipate their customers' needs and desires and exceed their expectations at every touchpoint. This means that brands should be consistent in providing service at every point of interaction, whether on websites, email, or social media platforms.

Digital customer experience is all about providing relevant content that answers questions and solves problems. In order to do this, they need to understand what customers want and how they consume information. Only then can businesses create a digital customer experience that is truly valuable.

While there are many ways to improve the customer online experience, let's focus on URL shorteners and how they can contribute to the overall positive online experience.

Why Use URL Shortener Tools?

URL shorteners are used to create short, easy-to-remember links in place of long URLs. Instead of sending links with long technical parameters that don't make sense to the average consumer, you can use short links that match your branding to increase brand awareness and recall.

These short links can be used to improve the customer experience by making it easier for customers to find and remember your sites and engage with your content.

URL shorteners can also be used to track clicks and traffic, which can be helpful for marketing and advertising purposes. This way, you'll know if your marketing efforts are working as planned.

URL Shortener in Websites

Your website content will have a lot of links that direct visitors to certain offers and promos within your site. Typically, when they hover over the links, they will see long URLs that may appear suspicious to them. They might think that they are spammy links that would lead them to spammy websites.

When you use a customized URL shortener that is in sync with your branding, your site visitors will know straight away that the content is part of the brand and site real estate. They will know that clicking on the short link will re-direct them to a safe URL. This is important for building trust with your audience, as they will be more likely to click on links that they recognize.

URL Shortener in Social Media Marketing

As the use of social media marketing has continued to grow, so has the need for URL shorteners. A URL shortener is a tool that takes a long, complex URL and turns it into a shorter, more manageable one. This can be especially helpful when sharing links on social media platforms such as Twitter, where there is a limit on the number of characters that can be used.

URL shorteners also have the added benefit of making links look cleaner and more professional. This can help to increase click-through rates, as users are more likely to click on a link that looks trustworthy. Additionally, some URL shorteners allow users to track how many people have clicked on their links, providing valuable data that can be used to improve future social media marketing campaigns.

URL Shortener in Blog Posts

Bloggers understand the importance of creating content that is shareable across different digital platforms. If you have a long, complicated link in your blog post, it's less likely that people will share it. With a URL shortener, you can create a relevant, share-friendly link that is on-point with your branding. The new short link is more likely to be clicked on and shared by your readers. These are good indicators that your content contributes to a positive online experience.

URL Shortener in E-Mail Marketing

Social media is fast becoming the platform of choice for communicating with customers, but the power of e-mail marketing is still strong and cannot be ignored. When creating an e-mail marketing copy, links are necessary to turn leads into paying customers. Instead of having to copy and paste a long URL, you can simply share the customized short link that's consistent with your brand.

Another important use of shortened URLs is that they're less likely to break when they're shared in emails. When a URL is too long, it can get broken up when it's copied and pasted into an email message. This can make the link unusable, which can negatively affect the results of your e-mail marketing campaign. But with a shortened URL, there's less risk of this happening.

URL Shortener in YouTube Videos

YouTube vloggers and influencers know how important it is to have people watch their videos. Not all videos will go viral, but all of them can be shared on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, messaging apps, and even e-mails.

Although YouTube provides a shareable link for each video, we can all agree that they're far from being user-friendly. Essentially, the link is a combination of random letters that don't make sense for your brand. But by using a URL shortener, you can create a link that's relevant to your channel in general and content in particular.

And when you have a YouTube campaign going, you can also track the video's performance through the number of clicks and views. You can use the data in conjunction with YouTube analytics.

URL Shortener in SMS Campaigns

In recent years, URL shorteners have become increasingly popular as a way to make links more manageable and less cumbersome. For SMS campaigns, URL shorteners can be a valuable tool for making links more clickable and trackable. Text messages can easily be ignored and dismissed, especially when there's a long URL that comes across as suspicious to the recipient.

By using a URL shortener, you can create a customized short link specific to an SMS campaign, which incorporates your branding, message, and call to action. Custom links can also be used to target specific demographics or customers with special offers. This contributes to the recipients' overall SMS experience, particularly in terms of safe and spam-free messages. This strategy can also be replicated in messaging apps.

And with short link analytics, you can track which specific campaign is driving traffic to your website, blog, or landing page. Overall, URL shorteners can be a helpful tool for businesses looking to measure the success of their SMS campaigns and create more targeted and effective marketing messages.

Summary: URL Shortener and Marketing Campaigns

Using a URL shortener tool is just part of the overall marketing strategy that will help you reach more people and create a positive experience for them when they navigate your website, interact with you on social media, watch your videos, or communicate through email and SMS.

Only by delivering an exceptional digital customer experience will businesses be able to win the hearts and minds of today's discerning consumers.

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