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How to increase your clickthrough rate using a URL shortener?

Last updated: September 12, 2022

URL shorteners are a great way to make long, unwieldy, and ugly links more presentable and manageable. Not only do they make links look cleaner, but link shorteners can also be used to increase your clickthrough rate (CTR)....

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How to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns?

Last updated: September 06, 2022

Digital marketing is a strategy to promote products and services using digital technologies and online channels. It is an effective way to reach out to potential customers....

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The ultimate guideline for SEO step by step for beginner

Last updated: August 31, 2022

Whether you're a business owner or a content creator, you need to have a deep understanding of SEO so that you can apply the principles of content optimization and reap the benefits of increased visibility in search engines.....

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Top Tips to Make Your Short Links Memorable

Last updated: March 05, 2022

Digital marketers know the immense power short links have to their marketing needs. But since everyone knows how to create short links, you need to go a step further and create memorable links.....

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How to Obtain Short URLs For Free

Last updated: February 28, 2022

Gone are the days when digital marketers would use long and ugly links to promote their brands. Nobody even likes looking at the long links - they irritate many potential audiences.....

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